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New Year Reflections: How Helpful is Hope in a Time of Crisis?
Mind & Metaphor · 07 January 2021
At New Year it is traditional to make hopeful promises to ourselves and to others. Hope seems to mark the possibility of change and something better, more love perhaps, less suffering. But how helpful are messages of hope in times of crisis?

What if going back to normal is not what you want?
Mind & Metaphor · 04 June 2020
Lockdown restrictions in the UK are beginning to ease; but what if going back to normal is not what you want? Using dream images, I explore the protective inner world 'psychic lockdown' that may dominate our inner life when we are troubled by anxiety, and explain why questions may be the key to finding a new normal.

Can we compensate for our loss of touch during a pandemic?
Mind & Metaphor · 16 May 2020
Touch is the underdog of our senses. Vitally important to our mental and physical wellbeing, yet undervalued in a society that upgrades ‘touch-screens’ and downgrades skin-touches, we generally discuss touch when it is abusive or intrusive but speak less of it as a requisite need. Here I explore whether we can compensate for our loss of physical touch with psychological touch, through our use of technology.