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Rupture and Repair: What the Series "Catastrophe" shows us about Long-Term Love
Mind & Metaphor · 01 March 2024
The story of a couple whose capacity to survive and grow through life's 'catastrophes' shows a fundamental aspect of long-term, relationships - the value of rupture and repair.

Mind & Metaphor · 14 February 2020
To fall in love is to enter into a vulnerable, giddy, preoccupied state of mind. We take the person we love unbridled into our dreams and fantasies and feel a loss of control as our mind wanders mischievously away from mundane aspects of the everyday onto a fantasied exciting future with our new love. It is delicious yet maddening. But how does this maddening, chubby love uncurl into a mature love that lasts? And what can porcupines tell us about love?